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Saturday, May 1, 2021

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THE BEATLES: The Days In Their Life

A thirty-hour chronology tracing the life of four musicians who had a dramatic effect on directions taken by others. The group that inspired and redefined the boundaries of contemporary music.

Below is the press release accompanying the set from TM Productions at the time of release in 1981:

"The Beatles: The Days In Their Life" is a 30-hour chronological study of the band that did more to change the scope of popular music than any other force of the 1960's.
During the first 24 hours of the special, every song ever recorded by The Beatles is played, including several numbers never released. Because the producers have gained access to the original EMI masters, some songs previously heard only in mono are now in stereo.

The final 6 hours of the show trace the direction each of The Beatles took after the band dis-banded in December 1970. All information is completely up-to-date as of the date of release in 1981.

"The Beatles: The Days In Their Life" includes hundreds of interviews with The Beatles themselves and their associates, many of which have never been heard.
While "The Beatles: The Days In Their Life" is 30 hours long and is designed to run as a blockbuster, the show may also be stripped into one-hour segments if so desired.
This twenty-one volume set contains the entire Days In Their Life program as it was originally broadcast in the early Eighties. The Days In Their Life was originally pressed onto thirty vinyl LP records. It was these vinyl LPs that radio stations used as a source for their broadcasts. The collection presented here is sourced from one of these original broadcast vinyl LP sets.

Sample VOL 1: 

The Beatles: The Days In Their Life vol 1
The Beatles: The Days In Their Life vol 2
The Beatles: The Days In Their Life vol 3
The Beatles: The Days In Their Life vol 4
The Beatles: The Days In Their Life vol 5
The Beatles: The Days In Their Life vol 6
The Beatles: The Days In Their Life vol 7
The Beatles: The Days In Their Life vol 8

All 21 Vol here in higher quality encodes.


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  2. I want to hear some of the Inspector west stuff on my I-Pod (5th Gen) but don't understand how to download via I-Tunes. What format should be chosen, what is meant by 'embed' etc.
    Your help for a computer illiterate person (Windows 7 (64 bit) ) is involved.
    Please help,

  3. @Robin

    MP3 is generally the format you may find here; to embed simply means code that will put a player or other material from this page onto your own website.

    I've read there is a drag-n-drop feature in iTunes preferences that allows you to drag and drop MP3 files from Windows to iTunes. You're looking for your iPod to show up as a drive when plugged into your computer.

    Similar to my Blackberry phone, iTunes relies heavily upon properly formated tags (ID3,etc.) so that you can find the files on your iPod once cataloged - otherwise they may show up in an (Unknown), unsorted listing.

    [This should not be quite so complicated, and you'd think if you transferred the file to iPod that you'd be able to access it by the same name as you saw on your computer. This isn't the case, as a tag system "catalogs" audio files as Artist>Album>Title, etc using the contents of the file "tag"]

    Hope this helps?

  4. just found ya ,,, love dat ol tyme countrythanks joeeastern shore  va

  5. LOVE old time radio shows!!!!

  6. Love your shows. Unfortunately, for the past two weeks or so, the shows are turning off about ten minutes in to them. Doesn't matter what show, it does it to them all. Sometimes twice a show. Does this on my laptop and my desktop. Never did it before.

    Hope this isn't a permanent problem.

  7. I am trying to join the site, but not having much luck. I clicked the "Join" button, but received this message:

    "We're sorry...

    We were unable to handle your request. Please try again or return a bit later."

    If anyone can help, it would be appreciated! Thanks!



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